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Ingredient Commitment

For you

Stephònia Boutique uses superior products which are non-toxic,

eco-friendly, with pure and natural ingredients, and organic when possible. 


You breathe clean air.


Your skin absorbs clean ingredients.

About Stephonia Boutique

by Stephanie


Almost every memory that has brought you to the present moment has a fragrance.


My passion for creating brings you back to places where comfort, relaxation, peace, joy, and stability abound. Life can feel fragile. My candles and other comforts help bring balance and agility to your daily life.


May they be beckons of light that bring you to emotional places of comfort.


My ingredients are primarily locally sourced, clean, pure, eco-friendly, and when possible, organic.

Having a small business is intentional & all is made in small batches, with love, and with you in mind.

Giving & Receiving Light


Why Clean Fragrance Oil?

For you

Gentleness is the way of love.

You need gentleness as much as I do.


One of the best ways to experience gentleness is to acknowledge its beauty and to somatically feel how your body recognizes a fragrance.


 It’s the mind that recognizes the smell and transports you to your memory.


Because of this, Stephònia Boutique seeks to use both clean as well as many organic ingredients. I gather my fragrances and essential oils from various trustworthy sources. They are cruelty free, phthalate free, paraben free, and SLS + SLES free.


Also, my fragrances are elegant, unique, and perfectly put together for you. As a result, I seek to create and combine differing fragrances to formulate the perfect aroma.

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